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Lightweight Conjecture Records for Research Teamwork

Lightweight Conjecture Records for Research Teamwork Intended for Data Science AI/ML Research Teams, but generally applicable. Slug conjecture-records-improve-research-teamwork Context Data Science is now a first class citizen of the technical world, but that is only a recent development and it still lags behind hardware and software in terms of ecosystem maturity. One area that is still behind the curve is the area of teamwork and working on large scale objectives. From Fred Brooks to Michael Nygard the software and system architecture challenges have always been the same - how best to communicate the solution in your head. So following in the footsteps of LADR files, and in the style of the original post ... Conjecture We posit that keeping a collection of "domain significant" conjectures will improve research teamwork; these conjectures put forward experimental thinking that affect dimensionality, data characteristics, pre-processing options, calibrations, qualitative ana